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We have proudly and professionally served more than 2,000 happy clients with our laser hair removal services since 1999. Removing hair from any part of the body is a process, treated on a individual case by case basis. We design a tailor-made program for which each client is comfortable. Listed below is a variety of client testimonials.

Study #1
"Wednesday and Thursday, I couldn't go out because I had a big day Friday. I had to wax my entire face, coarse black hairs all over, ingrowns and hyperpigmentation, pimples, and dark spots from all the trauma. I prepared the warm wax in a pot on the stove for 20 years, costing me over $8,309.60."
$7.99 a week X 52 weeks = $415.48
$415.48 X 20 years = $8,309.60

Not including:
- electricity used
- agony of waxing and superfluous hair
- 4-5 hours to prepare the job
"Laser Hair Removal was the best thing I ever did. I have had 5 laser treatments costing $2,100 over the last year. I love my face, it is so clean, smooth and soft. My pores are smaller and I get compliments on how great I look. I feel so good about myself again."

W.S. - Connecticut

Study #2
"I model bathing suits and constantly worry if my bikini area will appear irritated from the waxing, shaving and ingrown hairs. I had to cover up the redness with make-up, so I can look perfect. I switched to laser hair removal."
Facts: Wax v. Laser
$25.00 per wax X by 12 months = $300
10 years of waxing = $3,000 spent

5 treatments with Laser = $1,350
"I am so free and have clear skin now! I have stopped all my temporary methods and no make-up is needed. I am so happy I did this."

A.S. - Waltham, MA

Study #3
"I was shaving my underarms every other day, the hairs were so coarse, ingrown and most of all irritated. I had my first Laser Hair Removal treatment and I only shaved three times until my next laser, 6 weeks later!"
21 shaves in 6 weeks (before laser)
3 shaves in 6 weeks (after the first laser treatment)
"In a 6 week time span I would have shaved 21 times. In 6 weeks after one laser treatment I shaved 3 times. I just had my second laser treatment and I wonder if I'll ever shave again! I am so thrilled with the hair reduction, smooth skin and great results. I am sending my friends."

Susan, RN - Weston, MA

Study #4
"My bikini took 30 hours of electrolysis, a little over 2 years and a cost of $1,950."
Here are the comparisons:





30 hrs X
$65 per/hr = $1,950

4 laser = $1,200
5 laser = $1,350
6 laser = $1,500

$25 per/waxing
10 yrs = $3,000
15 yrs = $4,500
20 yrs = $6,000


1 month
between appt's

2 months
between appt's

1 month
between appt's


Total = $1,950

Total = $1,500

Total = $6,000


Notice the price difference for Laser Treatment!!


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